✨DIY Painting(Self-made oil paintings)✨

Style:  🔥YH01
Size:  40cm*50cm(15in*19in)


Product description

6 Steps to finish a perfect DIY Oil Painting with this paint-by-number kits

1) Dipping the brush in the pigment, drawing on canvas, covering the numbers and white canvas up.

2) Do not put space between color-block and color-block.

3) Do not paint too smooth, keep texture and special effect.

4) When painting face, please do not paint out the color-block to ensure a best effect.

5) If painting wrong, please covering the right color up when the pigment is dry out.

6) Please covering the lid of pigment when not in use to avoid getting dry. If the pigment is dry, dripping 1 or 2 drop water in the box and gently mix well.


What are we waiting for? Let's enjoy this amazing DIY Oil Painting, adults' Paint-By-Number kits!