🔥A Hug From My Heart For You (Handmade Wood Carvings)

Style:  A


A Small Gift With a Huge Meaning!

Hugs sometimes mean more than a million words. They serve a purpose particularly when words are insufficient! A Hug is a symbol of eternity and never-ending love! ❤️

"I bought this for my little sisters telling them that anytime they were feeling down, discouraged or sad, they could look at it and know that I was giving them a great big HUG. They all LOVE their gifts!."

It is made of high-grade wood and carved realistically, and Natural coloring, So every hug is unique which is interesting.

Hug is a symbol of eternity and never-ending love, it helps boost happiness and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation 

It will remind your loved ones how much they mean to you and give them that hug they need during the day even when you’re not there