🔥Last Day Promotion - Eye Liquid Core Dice Set

Size:  Longan Dice Trumpet(33MM)



👁️The dice set has an eye that is suspended in a liquid so it floats freely and magically finds a way to look up no matter how it lands or turns.

👁️D20 dice is hand-cast with natural resin, environmental friendly, non-toxic, sturdy and wear-resistant, with moderate weight and good rolling feel, make you easily become the king of the game.

👁️All of the sharp edge polyhedral dice with meticulously handmade mirror finished and polished, and the sharp edge dice create sharp corners and delicate edges, there is a gem like luxurious and eye-catching look

👁️The numbers on it are clear and easy to read, beautifully detailed. The d and d dice is well balanced and does not tend to roll to one side.