Demoulding & Ice-Making Box

Color(Buy 2 Free Shipping):  PURPLE
Style:  Single layer


Chill your drinks with our Block Ice Tray with Storage Bin. 

A great gift idea for summer parties

Easy Release Ice Cube Trays

  • you can get 64pcs 1*1inch ice cubes easily. The ice cube release in 1s with just press the button lightly.


  • 2*32 ice molds are made of 100% baby food grade PC + TPE which is BPA free, no smell, non-toxic, they can withstand long-term low-temperature storage without breaking. 

Stackable Ice Cube Trays

  • Ice trays for freezer with lid are easy stacking without sticking to each other and space-saving. Ice cube trays with lids can also keep the ice cubes clean and far from freezer odors, dust. Don’t fill above the max fill line to keep ice cubes in the perfect nugget shape instead of sticking together.

Reusable Ice Trays

  • High quality PC + TPE material make the ice trays stronger and more durable, assuring these ice trays reusable. Durable ice tray surface make it easy to clean and save your time.


  • Manufactured so that the ice tray to spread over the top and so even if there is ice inside the tray, it can be stored together. You will get 2 ice cube trays, 1 storage container with lid and 1 free ice scoop.

Multi-purpose ice cube mold

  •  Ice cube trays for freezer suitable for families, parties and bars! You can use these ice cube trays with lid to make ice for coffee, whiskey, make kids chocolate snacks, homemade butter confectionery or baby food. What’s more, keep the seafood fresh.


Material: PP, silicone, PET

Size: 23.8*13.5*10.9cm
Package list: 2* tray, 1* bin, 1* lid, 1* scoop