Sunflower hoe with wooden handle



✔︎ EFFORTLESS WEED REMOVAL: Sunflower hoe with wooden handle, saving you valuable time and energy. With its pointed tip and ergonomic design, you can easily navigate tight spaces and say goodbye to manual pulling!

✔︎ EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY: Crafted from high-quality manganese steel, our multi-tooth weeder is sharp, wear-resistant, and built to last. Its polished surface prevents sticking, while its high impact resistance and tensile strength ensure reliable performance.

✔︎ VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Whether you're tending to your garden, yard, or farm, our weeder is a versatile companion. It handles various weeding and digging tasks with ease, making it perfect for removing thistles, dandelions, crabgrass, and more.

✔︎ ENHANCE YOUR GARDEN'S BEAUTY: Use our weeder to create a flourishing garden filled with vibrant flowers and bountiful vegetables. It helps you maintain a weed-free environment, ensuring the health and beauty of your plants!




    • Material: Manganese Steel
    • Length: 16" (400 mm)
    • Head Diameter: 4" (100mm)