Wall Mounted Creepy Halloween Hands

Color:  black
Discount:  1pieces 34.99


【Versatile, Great Gift】 It can be used as Halloween decoration, home decoration, wall decoration, to add a mysterious artistic atmosphere to your family, can also be used as a wall hanging, hanging keys or jewelry and other lightweight objects, living room, bedroom, kitchen, basement, corridor, hall, dining room, bathroom, An excellent decoration for indoor and outdoor offices, or an excellent gift for family and friends. 

【Great Decor For Halloween】 The hand of the black witch full of black magic is definitely a great decoration product for Halloween. It has a unique shape and exquisite production. Using it as a Halloween decoration will definitely make your family and friends shine and be amazed.

【Quality Handmade Statue】 Witch hand wall hanging, hand statue, witch hand, wall carving. The materials used are non-toxic high-quality resin materials, acrylic, matte and glossy varnishes. Hand-made, exquisite workmanship, put it on the walls of your room, living room, bookcase, shelf, dining room, bedroom. Let your home (room) have an extra view. 【Hand Of The Black Witch】 This is the hand of the Black Witch, with powerful black magic. Its existence prevents all bad luck and negative energy from approaching. It protects your whole family. The fabulous fantasy decoration creates a mysterious atmosphere for your room.